Building user-friendly website

Site development stage usually comes after website design stage. It starts from the layout and includes cutting the design into parts, adding animation and various interactive elements. After the layout is ready, we develop a convenient and simple interface, in order a person who is an Internet user can easily understand and use website content. Nowadays, a new website using new development techniques loads faster and advances in search systems much easier.


Website page-proof is being done using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Approved design is being cut into pieces, and user visible part is being built. At page-proof stage we check website working efficiency in all polular browsers and on all devices with different screen sizes, making website adaptive.


At this stage we set admin part, splitting up website materials and options, giving
an opportunity to user to fill website with content, and setting all additional plugins for SEO and website protection.


After designing, building and developing website based on old site version, we precisely check the integrity of the link structure, various SEO factors, and set up redirects in search systems for those pages, whose URLs could change for different reasons.

After website is published, we test search engines` results and check it for lost or changed URLs.

Samples of website building

Except website building we an offer

An equally important step in the development of your online business is advertising and organic delivery. It is important to make the site appear in search systems. After creating the site, we are ready to take up its promotion in search engines (SEO) and set up contextual advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex Direct. For greater coverage, we can offer targeted advertising in social networks - Facebook, Instagram, VK.

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